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Coach’s Profile: Coach David Scott, Defensive Coordinator

Colonials Beat Writer Michael Anderson

Aug 25, 2021

Williamsburg – From his humble beginnings in Brooklyn, New York to his current teaching role at Warhill Academy, Coach Scott is one of the few people that is doing what he felt he was called to do: teach and coach.

After attending high school in Staten Island, NY coach Scott went away to college and attended the University of Buffalo before transferring back and graduating with an MBA from Wagner College. During his undergrad studies he both played and coached semi-pro football.

After obtaining his MBA, he did what all prestigious MBA holders did: went to work on Wall Street and stayed there for 13 years. He then decided to attend, again, the University of Buffalo to do PhD studies in political science. Realizing that “politics is dirty” and not wanting to really be a part of that, he worked with is advisor, did the master’s thesis and received a 2nd masters in poly sci from the University of Buffalo.
Since moving to the Williamsburg area, Coach Scott has coached at Middlesex High School, Yorktown Middle School, and now for the Williamsburg Colonials. He currently teaches at Warhill Academy and is a diehard New York Jets fan.

Favorite book: The Subtle Art of Not giving a F*** by Mark Manson

Favorite color: black

Favorite Song: (2) Don’t’ Stop Believing by Journey and Warning by Notorious B.I.G.

Favorite childhood memory: winning his first championship in high school

Superpower (or something people would be surprised to know about him): Is a great listener

Favorite Movie: Godfather (can quote the entire movie)

Favorite part of the movie: When Sonny Corleone goes after Carl for hitting his sister (Talia Shire)

Favorite Food: New York Style Pepperoni Pizza

Best part of living in VA: The diversity

If I talked to his co-workers, what would they say about him: that he is probably a little too intense and kind of a know it all. Hates to be wrong but will apologize. Inspirational and a born leader.

Leadership style: teamwork, don’t do as I say because I will be “in there” with you.

Something he feels he needs to work on: His persistency. Can be perceived as being a pest because of it.

What songs are on playlist: Any Jay-Z, Taylor Swift (he asked that you don’t judge. 😊), and Rascal Flats songs

Last concert attended: Journey (with new singer, not Steve Perry). Night Ranger and Foreigner opened for them

If I asked his Fiancé what he needed to work on the most: to not take things so literally (trying to work on that)

Favorite quote: work until you never have to introduce yourself.

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